About Inox wind

Inox Wind manufactures wind turbines and its key components. Inox Wind has dedicated facilities to manufacture Nacelles, Hubs, Rotor Blades and Towers.

After due assessment of wind site qualities and conditions across low wind resource locations such as those in India, we have opted for the 2 MW wind turbines based on technology provided by AMSC Austria GmbH and have a perpetual license from AMSC Austria GmbH (formerly AMSC Windtec GmbH), a leading wind energy technology company based in Austria, to manufacture 2 MW WTGs in India based on AMSC Austria GmbH's proprietary technology.

We also provide turnkey solutions for wind farm projects and are one of India's leading wind power solutions providers. The services include wind resource assessment, site acquisition, infrastructure development, erection and commissioning and long term operations and maintenance of wind power projects.

Recent Update

Inox Wind provides intelligent,sustainable alternatives for energy generation, distribution & consumption.generation, distribut- ion & consumptionInox Wind provides intelligent

sustainable alternatives for energy generation, distribution & consumption.generation, distribut-ion & consumption

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