About Inox Group

The Inox Group is a $3 billion, professionally managed business group with diverse business interests including industrial gases, refrigerants, chemicals, engineering plastics, cryogenic engineering, renewable energy and entertainment. The Inox Group includes two listed companies (Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited and Inox Leisure Limited) and a joint venture (Inox Air Products Limited) with a global giant, a Fortune 500 company – Air Products & Chemicals Inc. The Inox group employs more than 9000 people at more than 100 business units across India, with the distribution network spread across more than 50 countries around the world.

The major companies in Inox Group
  • Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited India’s largest producer (by volume) of refrigerants and polytetrafluoroethylene (“PTFE”), a synthetic flouropolymer in India.
  • Inox Air Products Limited Amongst India’s largest industrial gas company’s – A 50:50 joint venture with Air products Inc. of The United States which is amongst the world’s largest industrial gas players.
  • Inox India Limited India’s largest cryogenic technology company.
  • Inox Leisure Limited
    Amongst India’s largest, fastest growing and most profitable multiplex chain.
  • Inox Renewables Limited Inox Renewables Limited is engaged in the business of setting up and operating of Wind Farms.